Bolt Speedcube Servicing

Bolt Speedcube Servicing is a company dedicated to making speed cubes better for people. We can clean your speedcube, lubricate your speedcube (with a speed cube lube of your choice), and repair dislodged magnets in your speedcube!

"I thought you put in a great and balanced amount of lube, and the cleaning service was above average. I would highly recommend this service. The lube was evenly spread out, and I feel that a fair amount of care and effort went into the cube."

Nate. A

Why I started Bolt Speedcube Servicing

I dislodged magnets all the time. It was incredibly frustrating to have to fix them, because I would get superglue all over my fingers and I kept messing up the magnet placement. After awhile I got better at fixing them, but it was still a long and frustrating process. I had a nice speedcube but it got dirty very fast. After about a month of using it the pieces were all covered in grime. I would take it apart and then clean it but it took hours and I had to stay up really late to clean my cube quite often. I did get faster and better at this and now I can do it pretty quickly, but it still takes a long time for many people.

I also spent a lot of money on speed cube lube and then only used it once. It worked great, but still cost a lot. When you first buy a cube, it comes clean, with no broken magnets, and sometimes it has been lubed. But after a few months, its no longer clean, the speed cube lube wears off, and magnets become dislodged. I thought it would be a good idea to save people the trouble of these expensive, time consuming tasks, so I started Bolt Speedcube Servicing. I will thoroughly clean your cube for you, I will apply speed cube lube to your cube in the core, hardware, and pieces, and I will repair dislodged magnets for you for very low prices!